2 Reasons Barbers Shouldn’t Wait On Walk-Ins


So I had a conversation with a barber and I asked him what is he currently doing to get customers. He told me he really just waits around for walk-ins. Crazy thing is, this is what I am hearing from A LOT of barbers. 

Check this out waiting on walk-ins is not going to fill your calendar with new clients. Before people leave the house they know exactly where they are going. People don’t just wander around anymore. 

Don’t get me wrong you can build your business by waiting on walk-ins. But it is going to take years before that pops off, like literally, years. If you want to fill your calendar now and make barbering the thing that pays all your bills and gets you what you want in life then you’re going to have to invest in some new age marketing. If you are already passing out flyers and business cards that’s good keep doing it.

To fill your calendar you have to do more. 

2 reasons why waiting on walk ins is a bad strategy

The world has changed and it will continue to change 

Back in the day people would go into town searching for the business they needed to use. Now people pull out their phones and search for the place before they leave the house. If they can’t find it they will ask their friends and followers. By the time they crank up their car they already know where they are going. 

Here are 2 reasons why waiting on walk-ins is a bad strategy

You don’t have freedom

Not knowing how many cuts you are going to do today and what time it will happen means you have to sit around and wait all day. There is no way for you to run errands without the fear of missing out on a walk in. That’s not fun right?

You can’t plan your life

How can you plan out those vacations you want to take if you don’t know how many heads you will be cutting? Some weeks its slow other weeks its popping. But you don’t know until you look back.

Bonus: Your competitors aren’t

I’ve talked to a lot of barbers over the last 3 weeks and I have more on the calendar to talk to. They are fired up and taking action. Why because they know that if they don’t do it their competitors will. Now there’s enough business out there for everyone but in business it’s a competition. Whether that competition is with someone you graduated barber school with or yourself there is nothing better than doing better than you thought you could. 

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