Clever Marketing Solution That Helps Business Owners Get Customers Easier


Have you ever wondered how can I get customers to reach out to me and want to do business with me without having to knock on a million doors or make two million phone calls? Well so did I but then I found a clever marketing solution that helps business owners get customers easier.

Right now I am currently revamping a Facebook page for one of my clients so I thought this would be the perfect time to share the information I discovered that works for me and my clients. 

This is how my clients Facebook page looks now. I am going to make the changes and then share with you what I did and why it’s important. Afterwards I want to share with you the clever marketing solution that helps business owners get customers easier.

Here is the updated Facebook page:

What improvements did I make to the Facebook Page?

Cover Image Redesign

I redesigned the cover image to make it cleaner by adding his shop information, adding a clean picture of the barber cutting hair, added images of recent cuts to show his skills with the clippers.

About Us Section

Facebook allows page owners to add in the about section on the right hand side of their Facebook page. I went in and added an image and some information about the barber to help new potential clients get more information about the barber. The purpose of adding this was to ensure we have a 100% complete site so any area where Facebook allows us to add information that is what we will do.

Appointment Booking

Facebook allows users to book an appointment directly through Facebook with a company Facebook page. Most businesses don’t have this feature set up. More businesses are discovered on Facebook than any other platform. We want to allow a user to learn more about the business and book an appointment without having to leave Facebook if that is what they want to do. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for the potential customer to become a customer.

How Facebook makes it easier to get new customers?

Most business owners I talk to always say they get majority of their business from word of mouth. Which I believe and agree with 100%. The easiest clients I ever got were people who heard of me from a friend or associate.

How could we amplify that?

What if there was a way that our customers could instantly share good praises about our services with everyone they know?

What if they could even easily share content that we create directly with their friends and family?

That’s the power of Facebook. It allows us to do all those things which essentially puts word of mouth on steroids. 

Word of mouth used to consist of someone picking up the phone or visiting a friend and telling someone about your business in conversation. But one problem with old school word of mouth is the person who is learning about your business for the first time has to remember your business name and then try and look you up. This small barrier caused some lost business due to the person forgetting the name of the business or during their search found someone else or worse didn’t find you when they searched.  

When you have a Facebook page you allow your customers to tag your business directly in conversations of people looking for your service or product. With a well managed Facebook page the person looking for your services can easily see how great your business is and reach out directly to you on Facebook. 

Word of mouth now consists of your customer sending a link to your Facebook page to their friend through messenger or text. Or them tagging your business in a comment which allows for other people to see it as well. It allows your current customers to publicly recommend you and for the word of mouth effect to be widespread instead of singular. 

By having a Facebook page new customers will be able to find out about you easier. Why not have your business listed where everyone spends the majority of their free time?

In Conclusion

Having a Facebook page today is as important as being in the phone book years ago. Think of your business online the same way you do in real life. Right now a business page on Facebook is free so why not put your best foot forward, be where everyone is hanging out, and capitalize on the moment for your business.

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